Bareos articles

Posted 10 March, 2017

These are articles written while I am experimenting with Bareos a fork of Bacula. Bacula has gone commercial and dropped its community and free windows binary’s. So Bareos offers a rock solid backup solution alternative to Bacula. While these articles are made to be able to follow along, I should reference the huge manual of Bareos as the most likely and best and up-to-date reference for Bareos, yet cause of the size (500+ pages) its difficult to get started with Bareos. That’s why I wrote down my experience with Bareos.

  1. Install Bareos on Centos
  2. Clients :
  3. Create a backup job of a linux configuration on bareos (backup /etc daily on clients)
  4. Enhanced Bareos backup schedule
  5. Change default storage location
  6. Create a Windows FileSet
  7. Concurrent jobs with Bareos
  8. Fully remove a Client

Bugs / Issue’s


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