Running Nginx on Bash for Windows 10

I normally go for Apache as my go-to webserver, lately however I got a liking to Nginx, for no real reasons except for the fact it has a nicer config layout. (a bad reason is a reason non the less) So when I installed Bash for Windows 10, I when and tried Nginx, sadly it didn’t work, and still doesn’t work nicely. I however got it running, this is how : First, install Nginx.

Then I wanted to ignite Nginx, but that did not work, starting Nginx failed cause of port 80 was in use.

2016/06/24 11:37:22 [emerg] 2710#0: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)

Since I am running two systems (Linux and Windows 10) there are plenty of places to look. I started with the location I know best and was most unlikely the problem : Linux.  Using netstat -tulpn | grep 80 I verified nothing was running on this freshly installed UbuntuBash. So onto W10, I know Skype, Apache, … uses port 80, but that did not run, so the hunt continued. I finally found -using resmon.exe– under Listener-port  the problem, port 80 was being used by System (PID 4) … not something you can easily kill …

PID 4 (Sytem) was listening on port 80. (no longer seen here)
PID 4 (Sytem) was listening on port 80. (no longer seen here)

I dug a bit further and found this useful post. You have to stop some service, this is done using :

  • windows key + x
  • select console (admin)
  • run net stop http
net stop http in Windows 10 (in dutch)
net stop http in Windows 10 (in dutch)
C:\WINDOWS\system32>net stop http
De volgende services zijn afhankelijk van de HTTP Service-service.
Als u de HTTP Service-service stopt, worden deze services eveneens gestopt.

   World Wide Web Publishing-service
   SSDP Discovery
   Print Spooler
   HomeGroup Provider
   Function Discovery Resource Publication
   Function Discovery Provider Host

Wilt u doorgaan met deze bewerking? (J/N) [N]: j
De World Wide Web Publishing-service-service wordt gestopt.
De World Wide Web Publishing-service-service is gestopt.

De SSDP Discovery-service wordt gestopt.
De SSDP Discovery-service is gestopt.

De Print Spooler-service wordt gestopt.
De Print Spooler-service is gestopt.

De HomeGroup Provider-service wordt gestopt.
De HomeGroup Provider-service is gestopt.

De Function Discovery Resource Publication-service wordt gestopt.
De Function Discovery Resource Publication-service is gestopt.

De Function Discovery Provider Host-service wordt gestopt.
De Function Discovery Provider Host-service is gestopt.

De HTTP Service-service is gestopt.

After that I retried nginx to once again be shown an error :

2806#0: ioctl(FIOASYNC) failed while spawning "worker process" (22: Invalid argument)

That was solved using this -still open- bugreport on github. The essence is add the following to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf :

master_process off;
#daemon off;

Now to be honest I have got no idea, what any of those parameters do.  (note) I tried w/o the daemon parameter and it works as well, so I only use master_process and everything seems to “work”. (different from the solution on github!)

After this, Nginx is running nicely on my BashOnWindows. Pretty nice work, Windows !

// update  28/06

On my second machine I also had to change /etc/nginx/sites-available/default the following line :

server {
        listen 80 default_server;
        listen [::]:80 default_server ipv6only=on;


server {
        listen 80 default_server;
        #listen [::]:80 default_server ipv6only=on;

This probably cause some ipv6 problem. (this is development only anyway!)


2 thoughts on “Running Nginx on Bash for Windows 10

  1. Nice post, thank you!

    I’m facing problems with length mismatch, I also wrote here:

    @Mocilol advised output_buffers 2 10m; but it makes no difference for me.

    My two additional observations:
    1. On Windows clients (Chrome) I don’t get this error (strange!), only on Linux (Chrome), Android (Chrome), and iOS (Safari).
    2. This error always occurs, if the requested file is > 256k. In this case, only the first 256k is received, nginx stops sending and finally timeouts (based on the send_timeout 2; value – it can be 10, 20, … whatever value), so the browser fails with length mismatch.
    I have also tested this with several nginx config files, one of them is the built-in default, and it haven’t worked in any circumstances.

    Win10 version: 14393.321 (1607)
    nginx version: 1.10.1
    Chrome version: 53.x

    Do you have any solutions? 🙂

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Laci, sadly I never hit upon this issue … I switched back to a full Linux machine… Goodluck with your search!

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