I wanted to redo/rework the Passbolt install on Centos for a while. It’s seems like a horribly long and complex process, but in fact it’s not. With the recently released Passbolt 1.6 and my wish to play with asciinema for a while I thought why not combine both 🙂 Considering this is my first attempt, don’t shoot me ! If you prefer a readable version feel free to use my text guide version.

install Nginx
install MariaDB
Install PHP & gnuPG
Generate Key
Install Passbolt

After this, you should configure Nginx to use /var/www/html/passbolt/app/webroot.


Asciinema is really cool and works nicely, only I should have checked the height x width ratio cause now it again is a very long page 🙂 As to Passbolt, the install is still easy, you need to install one “complex module” and configure Nginx/mariaDB. That is a stack that is not to complex for the safety it provides to the you and you’re team.