18 April, 2019

Export all windows domain computers to CSV from windows

Doesn’t happen often that I need Windows tools, but this worked nicely, so I though I share it with the future me that will have forgotten about this method; On the domain server open a “Windows Powershell”; Import the module : Import-Module ActiveDirectory Then create the list of “enabled” users : Get-ADComputer -Filter {enabled -eq […]

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11 April, 2019

Bareos-sd : could not open FileStorage

A simple issue, but can be tricky nevertheless ! bareos-sd JobId 265: Warning: stored/mount.cc:270 Open device “FileStorage3” (/storage/block1) Volume “Full-0015” failed: ERR=stored/dev.cc:731 Could not open: /storage/block1/Full-0015, ERR=No such file or directory While experimenting I had made the owner of /storage/block1 different from the Bareos user; This resulted in the storage deamon (bareos-sd) not able to […]

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03 April, 2019

Concurrent Jobs in Bareos with disk storage

Surprisingly perhaps for newbies such as myself; Bareos will only start one backup job at once; meaning if you got 100 clients, there will be a serieus delay between the first and last job. So why is this happening ? Bareos is a fork off Bacula and this was originally developed for the use of […]

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26 March, 2019

Creating a Windows Fileset for Bareos

Bareos uses FileSets to decide what to backup and what not to backup. While the documentation is extensive, the approach is mostly include everything and exclude parts (include all, exclude after).  While this is the way average people want to backup. If you work around non-IT minded people, you know that they will store EVERYTHING, […]

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20 March, 2019

Create ZFS Raidz2 pool

zfs on linux
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