Welcome readers of /var/log/messages, who have updated your server to the latest version of nfs-utils (at this writing : nfs-utils-1.3.0-0.21.el7).

# yum info nfs-utils
Name        : nfs-utils
Arch        : x86_64
Epoch       : 1
Version     : 1.3.0
Release     : 0.21.el7
Size        : 1.0 M

The full error message in /var/log/messages

Jan 21 14:00:23 mocca nfsdcltrack[]: sqlite_insert_client: insert statement prepare failed: table clients has 2 columns but 3 values were supplied

Its not a critical error, but the latest version of nfs-utils has it. Redhat already has a few bug reports on it, they even have a hidden solution. Which I despise heavily, As I gather from the bug reports, its downgrading to an earlier version of nfs-utils. This I have never done before, but I would think it is yum downgrade nfs-utils this however doesn’t do much. From what I gather from the error message, some sqlite database gets a statement that has a slightly changed table.

The nfsdcltrack tool is not a critical application on my machine, it seems to be only important when the service crashes or a reboot is done.

Anyway at this point the advice is : ignore the message. Damn Redhat on its hidden solution policy!

I got this message on a machine with 2 soft mounts.

Server :

cat /etc/exports

note : ip’s removed.

Client :

servername:/home/incoming on /tape type nfs (rw,soft,vers=4,addr=,clientaddr=

note : ip’s removed.