install supermicro’s IPMI

Posted 05 January, 2017

IPMI is cool, this is my manual to “set it up” on Centos (RHEL) and Debian (Ubuntu, Proxmox, …)


yum install ipmitool

or on older machines (Centos 5)

yum install OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-toolschkconfig ipmi

On Centos 7.3 The modules required for the ipmi device, where no longer loaded automatically. This can be fixed manually by executing :

modprobe ipmi_msghandler
modprobe ipmi_devintf
modprobe ipmi_si

You can auto-load these modules at boot by creating a file : /usr/lib/modules-load.d/ipmi.conf with the content :

# auto load ipmi modules during boot


apt-get install openipmi ipmitool

also need to load these modules for some reason :

modprobe ipmi_msghandler
modprobe ipmi_devintf
modprobe ipmi_si

Next I setup LAN setup and change the password, I mostly do that using the web-interface, but its possible to do from the console.

# give information on ipmi (ip, etc.)
ipmitool lan print 1

# create user and set password
ipmitool user set name 2 admin
ipmitool user set password 2


changes :

  • on Centos 7.3 I needed to add the modules to auto-load (08/03/2017)

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