30 January, 2017

Using ZOHO SMTP mail on wordpress

After three hours reading up on configuring postfix/dovecot/… I finally thrown in the towel. There are some resources on the interwebs on how to setup a clean postfix on Centos/Linux, but they are dated or they just throw in a configuration file without explanation, and while I eventually got postfix mail to work. Sending a […]

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13 November, 2016

a client request body is buffered to a temporary file

A little cute harmless nginx [WARNING] yea, one of those. It means an uploaded file was larger then the allowed buffer (in memory) set by client_body_buffer_size which by default is 16kb (on x64 bit). So for any upload of image, you can expect this to be allot larger. (images can easely be 3-6mb a piece)  I decided to […]

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14 September, 2016

Choosing not to be tracked by Telenet

I understand that company’s need to make money, but if they try to charge double for a single product,  that’s where I draw the line. Telenet (a network provider) wants to track both to what you look at on TV and internet use. Basically they collect your information and sell it of to advertisement company’s to […]

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21 August, 2016

New project : divebug.com

Its been silent for a while, here, not withouth cause, I been working on a new project : divebug.com  The idea is to have an “open” dive library, where users can add & modify dive locations and information divers must aquire. Its just starting out, and honistly the code is far from what I’d like, but […]

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31 January, 2016

short review : Cloud9

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