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A new project : tetromino

8 October, 2017

It’s been silent here for a while, but with a good reason. I been focusing my attention on some side-project. Building a tetris clone game on the PS VITA 😀 (homebrew hacked of course) You can download the game here I have even been featured at wololo’s, which is amazing 🙂 new look : old look […]

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certificate out-of-date

8 September, 2017

That awkward moment when you write so much articles to help people automate and get certificates and then don’t correctly validate that my server is working correctly … 😀 Sorry for the downtime ! What happened is : I host 3 domains on 1 server, one of those 3 is no longer used, however the […]

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New theme :)

15 December, 2016

Almost 2017, so I though its time to browse for another WordPress theme, and you are looking at it ! I liked the previous one, but there was allot of “lost” space in the header, so this one does slightly better. Hope you like it, I do ! 🙂 Thanks go to templateexpress for the previous Discovery theme, […]

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Careers at company

30 November, 2016

We at company love the stuff we make, we are great at it, see our huge numbers that our CEO tells us every year at our “fun” team building event, which actually is an obligatory two day meeting. We charge our customers way to much, but hey, that’s why we can hire little peasants like you ! […]

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I understand that company’s need to make money, but if they try to charge double for a single product,  that’s where I draw the line. Telenet (a network provider) wants to track both to what you look at on TV and internet use. Basically they collect your information and sell it of to advertisement company’s to […]

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Loading a .eps file in inkscape on windows, is a real pain, I told a colleague, that can’t be, its a vector format, should be easy-peasy. The reality of it is however; its not as straightforward as expected. You need a 3th party application installed and put in the environment variable of windows. While for […]

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