10 March, 2016

Making darcs play nice on windows

I doubt any living soul is still using darcs on windows, so this will be very useful for myself when I reinstall my computer at some time, or god forbid my HP Elitebook 8530p dies on me. Either way, this will get darcs running on windows, so you can use the repo from a Linux […]

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29 February, 2016

Let’s Encrypt on windows IIS 7

Today, I created my first windows webserver Let’s Encrypt signed certificate, yaay! I’m not to big on windows webservers, but it was very simple, so if your a windows sysadmin. This is a great tool : https://github.com/Lone-Coder/letsencrypt-win-simple This guide describes it pretty nicely : https://www.coderamblings.net/archive/lets-encrypt-how-to-set-up-on-a-windows-server-and-help-make-the-web-a-safer-place/  

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04 September, 2015

Reset Supermicro IPMI Password From Windows

I recently had an issue where we lost the password for IPMI to a brand new Supermicro server. The server was running Windows. Not wanting to mess around rebooting the box to a livecd I had to find a solution to reset the password. This could be very useful for those of you buying a […]

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20 August, 2015

eps in inkscape @ windows 10

Loading a .eps file in inkscape on windows, is a real pain, I told a colleague, that can’t be, its a vector format, should be easy-peasy. The reality of it is however; its not as straightforward as expected. You need a 3th party application installed and put in the environment variable of windows. While for […]

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