07 September, 2020

Centos 8 (Proxmox) + Active Directory authorization

So, after my rage post a few weeks back, I finally managed to let Centos 8 talk to AD server for authentication and authorization. (there is a difference); I have in the past “always” relied on legacy systems I did not fully understand; I set up samba shares using a windows domain before, but found […]

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08 May, 2019

Bareos Error: VSS API failure

When a Client job fails and reports : Error: VSS API failure calling “BackupComplete”. ERR=Object is not initialized; called during restore or not called in correct sequence. Try to start the Service : VSS manually; This solved the issue for a few Clients;

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18 April, 2019

Export all windows domain computers to CSV from windows

Doesn’t happen often that I need Windows tools, but this worked nicely, so I though I share it with the future me that will have forgotten about this method; On the domain server open a “Windows Powershell”; Import the module : Import-Module ActiveDirectory Then create the list of “enabled” users : Get-ADComputer -Filter {enabled -eq […]

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26 March, 2019

Creating a Windows Fileset for Bareos

Bareos uses FileSets to decide what to backup and what not to backup. While the documentation is extensive, the approach is mostly include everything and exclude parts (include all, exclude after).  While this is the way average people want to backup. If you work around non-IT minded people, you know that they will store EVERYTHING, […]

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