20 January, 2017

Proxmox KVM kernel module: No such file or directory

Hit by this little bugger this morning, while trying to move a virtual machine from proxmox 3.4 to 4.4.  This was the only VM on the machine, so I was surprised. (Never seen this before) Could not access KVM kernel module: No such file or directory failed to initialize KVM: No such file or directory […]

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14 January, 2017

Proxmox : file system may not support O_DIRECT

Some time ago, I tried to create a VM on a RAID6 machine, getting this weird error when the virtual disk was made : file system may not support O_DIRECT The solution is to put the “write cache” to write-through. In the newest interface : And the creation succeeded. ps. this was an old issue, […]

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13 January, 2017

how to install SNMP service on Proxmox

In this guide I just install configure SNMP daemon on Proxmox. SNMP is used to read out the state of the machine, this includes CPU, network (-traffic, -settings,…), memory, … I can suggest LibreNMS, for the monitor. Back to setting SNMP daemon up ! Install the service apt-get install snmpd Config the service I like to […]

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zfs on linux

01 December, 2016

Automating zfs snapshots of proxmox using Sanoid

Slowly ZFS on Linux is becoming the mainstream file system, however its more then just a file system, its a (software) raid,  it allows for snapshots, compression, deduplication, … its pretty cool, and I’m in love with it. One of the most important features for me is snapshots, those are dirty cheap in ZFS, so cheap […]

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27 January, 2016

Bye OpenVZ, Hey LXC

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