12 February, 2020

Proxmox upgrading from 5.4.* -> 6.1-7

It’s the first time I’m upgrading Proxmox’s; There is luckily good documentation on the upgrade path; So this is only a small summary of how I did the upgrade of a few standalone proxmox machines; (big note : this is for┬ánon cluster proxmox) First I upgrade everything to the latest : apt-get update && apt-get […]

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11 February, 2020

Proxmox VE 6.1 fix update & upgrades

Here we are again, ‘a brand new’ Proxmox : 6.1 based on debian Buster (10.2) including ZFS 0.8.2 (zfs on Linux). However updating by default will fail due to the inclusion of only the enterprise (paying) repo’s; They do however offer free repo’s that are marked as testing; To activate those and get rid of […]

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21 November, 2019

Disable 2FA in Proxmox 6

I was checking the new version of Proxmox, when I noticed there is an option to enable 2FA; (see the docs) It works really fine, but then I realized my colleague’s probably don’t have the key. To disable however, I couldn’t find it online; So I digged in the guts of Proxmox /etc/pve/user.cfg there is […]

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07 November, 2019

proxmox unsupported centos release 8

Finally got time to give Centos 8 a spin in a Proxmox Linux container (lxc); I downloaded the template, and started a container only to find its not possible : extracting archive ‘/var/lib/vz/template/cache/centos-8-default_20191016_amd64.tar.xz’ Total bytes read: 673566720 (643MiB, 37MiB/s) Detected container architecture: amd64 TASK ERROR: unable to create CT 100 – unsupported centos release ‘CentOS […]

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08 August, 2018

Mount NFS on LXC Proxmox

08 February, 2017

Proxmox upgrade issue’s

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