07 March, 2019

Install CellProfiler on Centos 7.6 using conda.

CellProfiler is not an easy to install tool; or perhaps I was clumsy on the first attempt (building from source) but I could not get it to work properly on a Linux machine; After another attempt using miniconda, I managed to get it running. This is just a documentation of how I got it working. […]

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22 February, 2019

Automating snapshots with pyznap on Centos 7

So I was happily using sanoid, when someone made me aware of pyznap¬†(thanks !). Ever since that comment, it was on my to-do list to check out pyznap, but if a system works, why change it ? Definitely a important cog such as automated snapshots. The new version of sanoid, breaks comparability with older versions […]

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08 February, 2019

Installing Gluster, 3 brick distributed, Centos 7

yum install centos-release-gluster yum install glusterfs-server Verify [[email protected] ~]# glusterfs –version glusterfs 3.12.9 Repository revision: git://git.gluster.org/glusterfs.git Copyright (c) 2006-2016 Red Hat, Inc. <https://www.gluster.org/> GlusterFS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is licensed to you under your choice of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 or any later version (LGPLv3 or later), or the […]

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06 February, 2019

Understanding ZFS : Checksum

Ever wondered what kind of checksum ZFS uses to check for bit rot ? Probably not, but it turns out you can change the used algorithm. However like most settings, the defaults are chosen by smart people. So changing it might not be doing you any favors. As it turns out, the default checksum used […]

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08 November, 2018

Rename a volume group on LVM

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