17 February, 2020

bare minimum samba share on Centos 8

This is a quick guide on how I got a simple samba (4.10.x) share to work on Centos 8.1.1911 (Core) and Windows 10 Enterprise (1903). By god this should not be so hard, but it f*cking is. Generic setup Install samba : yum install samba edit /etc/samba/smb.conf change the workgroup, netbios name and security, add […]

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12 February, 2020

Proxmox upgrading from 5.4.* -> 6.1-7

It’s the first time I’m upgrading Proxmox’s; There is luckily good documentation on the upgrade path; So this is only a small summary of how I did the upgrade of a few standalone proxmox machines; (big note : this is for non cluster proxmox) First I upgrade everything to the latest : apt-get update && apt-get […]

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11 February, 2020

create ntfs partition on Centos

I could already read ntfs file systems  but creating one seems to require more packages; I was surprised as I installed ntfs-3g but still could no run : [[email protected] ~]# mkfs -t ntfs /dev/sda1 mkfs.ntfs: No such file or directory The solution is a tiny other package : yum install ntfsprogs And magically : mkfs -t […]

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11 February, 2020

Proxmox VE 6.1 fix update & upgrades

Here we are again, ‘a brand new’ Proxmox : 6.1 based on debian Buster (10.2) including ZFS 0.8.2 (zfs on Linux). However updating by default will fail due to the inclusion of only the enterprise (paying) repo’s; They do however offer free repo’s that are marked as testing; To activate those and get rid of […]

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04 December, 2019

Set IPMI to use DHCP

21 November, 2019

Disable 2FA in Proxmox 6

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