03 February, 2017


Bored this weekend and interested in free/open-source ? Perhaps consider a trip to Brussels, for this awesome event : FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide free and open source software developers and communities a place to meet to: get in touch with other […]

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24 June, 2016

Running Nginx on Bash for Windows 10

I normally go for Apache as my go-to webserver, lately however I got a liking to Nginx, for no real reasons except for the fact it has a nicer config layout. (a bad reason is a reason non the less) So when I installed Bash for Windows 10, I when and tried Nginx, sadly it […]

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16 February, 2016

Darcs shell hacks

darcs is a version control system, such as svn, git, mercurial, … while its losing the popularity match against pretty much all other vcs’s it’s still used where I work. I’m not a huge fan, but that’s beside the point. For reporting matter (eg. bosses) its nice to show a fancy graph, that productivity is […]

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02 August, 2015

Difference between phpBB 3.1 S_REGISTERED_USER and S_USER_LOGGED_IN

While working on a phpBB forum, I found this weird template var, (at first look) namely : <!– IF S_REGISTERED_USER –> while there was just a bit higher <!– IF S_USER_LOGGED_IN –> while it does seem a bit weird its in fact a simple check for bots, S_REGISTERED_USER will only be validated when a user is not a bot. […]

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